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About FreelanceSG

Why We Created FreelanceSG

In light of COVID-19, we have seen many businesses struggling. This, in turn, has affected many freelancers from various industries. With this we thought to ourselves, what can we do to help the freelance community with the skills that we have?
So we brainstormed to understand what skills of ours that could actually benefit others during this period. We also thought of other problems that we faced when freelancing, in hopes to kill 2 birds with one stone.

Problems Identified

And to tackle this solution, we created a website for freelancers to create their profiles, share more about themselves, and also showcase some of their best work. Simple to say, this platform works like a directory for freelancers.
Now although it sounds like it might have similarities with platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, the difference is that this platform would allow you to easily look for and connect with others in this industry. You and the other party will get to keep the full remuneration from whatever job you receive from clients (We heard Upwork was charging a hefty 20% comms, while this would be free).
There are also other benefits this platform might serve.

The FreelanceSG Advantage


Additional Exposure

You add another channel to sell yourself and showcase your work through profiles created here. Why limit yourself to social media, referrals, and your own website? With FreelanceSG, get yourself known to the market to increase your exposure!


Time Savings

No more having to prospect and pitch yourselves to potential clients that find you here. Businesses can browse through this platform to look for the freelancers they like. That’s why it’s best that you showcase the best work you have. This increases the odds for a gig!


Prevent Hassles

No more having to dig through your contacts for referrals to outsource jobs to, or risk losing a certain job just because you didn’t have the capability to do something additional the client wants. Just browse the platform and look for other freelancers who can help.


Network Opportunities

Connect with other freelancers in the industry. Learn from each other and connect with those in the community. This increases the chance of getting referral work!

The best part about this is that all these are FREE!

If FreelanceSG is free, what's it to you guys?

While this platform may or may not be successful, we wanted to create something to contribute to the freelance community that was within our means and capabilities. Although this may or may not help you during this period, we hope that once the economy picks up, we’ll start seeing freelancers in Singapore benefitting from FreelanceSG.
If it doesn’t work out, it’s fine with us as our only costs were hosting, domain, and our time. If it does succeed, then we hope to see this platform grow and help freelancers in Singapore in the long run. We hope to see you jump on board FreelanceSG and help us grow this platform into a meaningful place.